To everyone…. we never knew we had so many friends, acquaintances, interested parties….who has asked how we are in the aftermath of the front page news of tornadoes in North Carolina:


thank you for your concern!


 But yes, here is a video of some of the damage:


This was just 30 miles south of us. We have a friend who lives down there who’s house was damaged, but not badly…unlike his neighbor who’s house was flattened. 

And, we happened to be up in Raleigh that afternoon; that was where one entire neighborhood was destroyed. We only saw a bit of rain and yes, some fairly severe wind (actually I wondered if my car was going to be blown off the highway…). But it never seemed THAT bad to us, and we didn’t have the radio on. 

So anyway. Thank you for your concern.

This is the scene around our house today:


gorgeous, gorgeous: a rose from my neighbor’s garden: