My package arrived from Milk and Cookies!

Milk and Cookies is a shop on Etsy (you DO know Etsy, right?) So….I’ve been looking around for just the right throw pillows to put on our twin mahogany beds in the guest room. 

Here’s the package:




They are perfect! All linen with an envelope back. The bed covers are actually duvet covers, from Pottery Barn. I’ve stopped putting the duvet inside any cover: I like the look of a real “bed spread” with the duvet at the foot of the bed. What do you think? Yes? 

But it was tricky finding just the right print to go with the busy, multi-colored spreads/covers. And now, I am on the hunt for fabric for curtains. Here’s one I picked up the other day:


Take a look at the transformation of the guest room:


From plain vanilla white to Ben Moore “Palladian Blue”. We had first used this blue in our bedroom up north…I’m NOT a big “blue” fan, but it worked beautifully there in a north facing room with limited light. Here the windows face both south and west…so no problem with light! And I love the combination of a grayed blue with red; thus the hunt for some sort of red curtains. Nothing heavy in weight: I want a loose, breezy sort of look; and I think just one panel to pull back to one side.


(didn’t have the bed covers at this point…)

And more details of the room:









It’s coming together nicely; I’ll show you more as it progresses!