This post, from January 2010, is one of my most popular and most “googled”!

Because I’ve received so many comments, emails and inquiries after I wrote that post,  I thought I would repost and then add some new ideas. Lace curtains have been popular for so many years, both in this country and in Europe. Timeless appeal. But what, exactly, is it that makes them so appealing? They can go almost….anywhere. They will coordinate with all sorts of interior fabrics as they don’t necessarily have a “pattern” of their own. They provide privacy without being too opaque and blocking out light. They are pretty!

 Here’s the entire post from over a year ago:


Lace curtains: now there’s a tricky subject! They can certainly bring to mind old, yellowed, why-don’t-you-take-them-down kind of curtains (usually seen in, dare I say, Grandmother’s house?). We were in an antique shop up in Vermont last summer where the owner had hung old, and I mean VERY old, lace curtains at some of the windows, and they were for sale. Well, these were really disgusting. They smelled of mildew; they were yellowed in a not so nice antique sort of way; the seams were totally frayed; and WHY anyone would actually pay for these was beyond me!

Then, we have the wonderful lace curtains you see in France! Ah yes: delicate, airy, often just covering the lower half of the window, held by adorable delicate rods that are often the kind that swing out. These are made in the true “atelier de dentelle” tradition. Does anyone remember the catalog “Rue de France”? I discovered it years back at the start of my Francophile-ness…. it went out of business about five years ago, but they carried a line of real French lace curtains. I had some and, thinking they would  be a available again, had given away two sets when I redid our bay window.

I’ve been looking ever since! At BHV in Paris last September I saw oh so many ready made styles and bolts of fabric. But translating the meters to inches, and not having the exact measurements with me, was too daunting…..

Fast forward to last week when the catalog arrived from Country Curtains! Yes, Country Curtains of REAL country looks (which doesn’t happen to be my style) has these new lace curtains.

I love this “Seaside Lace” trim and am thinking it would be nice on just the valence!


The “Tree of Life” is different…and would do well for flat panels:


The “Bird Song” might be a more traditional look…


I’ve been looking on line for other sources. Most of what you see is either polyester or the more sheer Scottish lace. The French is a thicker cotton that holds up well and just looks a bit more informal. They are also available in a real white which is the look I like! If you know of any other sources (other than going to France) please let me know….

Skip ahead to today, March 16, 2011:

I was at Target last week and saw these:




All cotton. Real white. Very nice indeed!

Whereas the above is a fairly solid, medium weight cotton, I’ve also been impressed by Coopers Cottage Lace Curtains.  While this Arts & Crafts look isn’t for everyone, these curtains have an almost contemporary feel, which I like.

I’ve saved the best for last! I’ve been looking on line for the R E A L French lace curtains: not really lace, but panels of soft white cotton with a bit of embroidery or decoration. For weeks it seemed fruitless……until THIS:

lace curtains





Yes, direct from the factory in Villers-Outreaux! The real thing, just as you would find in stores, and houses, in France!  Take a look here, and go on over to the “Voile Tier Curtains” tab and see for yourself.

If YOU have any great new sources for lace curtains, please do let us all know!