I did a lot of gardening this weekend.

The weather was beautiful; we went to several local nurseries; went to the G R E A T farmer’s market up in Carrboro; and spent a lot of time outside organizing, planting, thinking color.

This is one of the new items I bought “Micro Tip Blades”. Fabulous! I was so tired of using the bulky pruning scissors, and always having to search for them to bring inside when I was arranging flowers! What do you have? Do you keep a separate pair inside? These are perfect. Small, precise, easy to store. They even come with that little orange, plastic cover for the tips.


Just for fun I went on line to find some other scissors to show you.


Dramm at amazon


Fiskars at amazon


Joyce Chen at white flower farm


Felco at white flower farm

And here is how I used my new purchase:




It’s (almost) Monday so time to get out of the garden and back to the office!