A few weeks ago I did a post on linen and the story of how it is produced in France.

Now, to me, this was a very special story and video. I know, not everyone is as into linen as I am! But there are a few of you out there: one of them being my friend Tammi of CoutureWindowFashions blog. We have recently become friends. Tammi introduces herself by saying:

“Having a passion for design and beautiful fabrics led me to the place where I am at today…. Taking my love of couture in clothing and transferring it to draperies has been very fun.”

  Tammi knows fabric! So, when she saw my post and the video she wrote and asked if she could use it for her own post on linen, and antique linen, and a story about her mother-in-law and her love of linen.

Naturally, I said yes. 

Little did I know what a fascinating story it would be!

Please, I urge you to go to Tammi’s blog and read on.


This tablecloth was made by Tammi’s husband’s paternal grandmother. Just amazing.



And the best part is that these linens are being used. That is, after all, why they were made. If you have linens, antique or otherwise, please, do not just let them sit in a closet or drawer: use them, and take good care of them!

P.S. Do not put them in the dryer….EVER…but hang up to dry, preferably outside. Iron when damp. Try it, you’ll like it!