You never know what’s going to happen, do you?

One of my most favorite blogs, Room Remix, written by ‘PK’ has been taken off the web.

I can’t even show you any visuals at all from her blog; I haven’t been able to track down anything  on the web. I had just participated in her “Paint Party” here.

PK announced just a few days ago that she had finally decided to close down the blog. We don’t know why: that was her personal decision. But I, for one, just want to say that I miss her and I miss RoomRemix. Funny, this blog thing, you can feel so close to people, waiting to hear their latest news every day, commenting back and forth, doing small favors for each other on line, and sharing experiences. To those of you who follow me but are not bloggers….well, you just have to try and understand.

Anyway, PK if you read this, know that we are missing your presence.