Remember my office from way back when??


I’ve been working on it…and in it…for several months and have something to show you.

That blank wall there was just crying out for a ‘bulletin board’, ‘memo board’, ‘white board’, ‘inspiration board’. Whatever you call it, I wanted some way to tack up my inspiration pictures, memos, notes etc. In my old studio I had had a huge board made from homasote. I had painted it white and then made a 1″ frame all around it.

So, of course, I looked for homasote. No one at the big box stores had ever heard of it…seems I would have to order huge sheets of it from a small store and no, they would not cut it for me. Hmmm. The hunt began. 

And here you have the result: ceiling tiles!

IMG_2837 2

IMG_2839 2

They were a perfect size: 24″ square. I like squares. They were a little crumbly…hmmm. To keep them totally intact I spray painted the backs in white.


I’ve had my eye on the spray paints from Maine Cottage. They don’t make many colors: but the ones they carry are wonderful and clean and contemporary. I chose “Zinnia”


and went to town spraying: 


The final board(s): 


The board has a flat border/edge of half an inch. I could leave it plain…no! What a boring end to this story…

I could paint it a dark brown/gray (Iron Mountain perhaps?) to mimic the carpet color. Still too simple.

Embellish! Of course. Being a good blogger and aspiring  DIY’er, that was the solution! Off to JoAnn’s to look for ribbon. And here it is:


I actually used ‘Liquid Stitch’, which is for fabric. It worked well, but you have to be patient as it does take a while to dry.


Do you know these “Command” products? Fabulous!! They’re sticky on both sides and REALLY hold. But they also come off the wall easily and leave both surfaces totally clean. They are a great invention! I used four for each board and, believe me, they are solid and secure.


Here’s the final shot: yes, it looks washed out..the lighting in here is very tricky. It’s either too bright and sunny or very much in shadow.



 I’m going to do another post about my office…I have a slide show of the total chaos in here the days after we moved, and then another show of the (almost) complete organization that now reigns! 


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