Are you creative with your lighting?

I’ve never really paid that much attention to the lighting in our house(s). Either it worked or it didn’t…Floor lamps, table lamps, the occasional sconce, some rather basic track lighting, those awful lights that come with overhead fans, small nothing lights that are stuck to the ceiling and collect dead flies inside. You get the idea.

You’ve seen some views of the entry hall in our new house:


Above and below is the entry, totally empty and very white. I think these were actually taken before we had even bought the house.


And here, below, it’s coming along… Thanks to Kelly at ArteStyling, we have the gray and yellow working together beautifully.


The ceiling in this area is 19 feet high. The previous owner had no lighting at all, although there was an obvious outlet in the ceiling.

What to do? You’ve seen the post I did on lights.

And here is the final, installed, choice.

Step by step:




By the time they finished the installation, it was late afternoon and the sun was streaming in those high western-facing windows. The walls are actually that pale gray color, but they sure took on a yellow cast here! 




love. love. love.

They are the “Bubble Lamps” from George Nelson!

You can read the history here and buy them here.

I know we made the right choice!