Today I’m joining the party over at Room Remix, one of my very favorite blogs! PK does a fabulous job of blogging…about all kinds of details of interiors.


She has been running a series, named “Paint”, this week, asking six different designers various questions about their use of paint in interiors. They have been very interesting questions and the answers are great to read for their variety. So, do go and take a look and I know you will learn something! It’s been great for me as just this week I’ve been looking at neutrals for our master bathroom. I have testers on the walls, but nothing seems right. Enter PK with her question: “What are three of your favorite neutrals?”. How perfect is that?

I’m waiting for my sample sheets to arrive tomorrow from Ben Moore!

You DO know about these color sheets, don’t you? Here’s the link. It’s a wonderfully efficient way to see a good size color swatch on your wall: you don’t have to buy dozens of sample pints and you don’t have to prime over your color swatches!

I’ve done several posts the past few months on our new house and the interior paint challenges I’ve been dealing with… So I thought I would review those here. Some of you will recognize parts of this, and for others it will all be new.

Here’s my beginning color palette


grays and more grays

I never, in a million years, thought I would love gray this much!


And here were some of the names:

  •  amulet                                       
  •  fog mist
  • mysterious
  • chestertown buff                      
  • moroccan spice
  • marblehead gold                        
  • edgecomb gray
  • iron mountain
  • pale avocado
  • yellow bisque

The master bedroom in “Marblehead Gold”



    My office in Pale Avacado 


    and with the Stirling Gray rug:


    And now, the famous “Iron Mountain”;

    We sanded the old wood and it’s shiny surface, primed, put two coats of gloss, and then some varnish. Love love!


    and the fireplace in same:


    Front entry is “Pale Oak”, and to the left you can just see “Straw Yellow”. They look wonderful together, and as this is basically one large space, work well with the white woodwork.


    This is certainly not finished yet, but here’s the lav in BM “Mysterious”. It’s spectacular! I’ll do another post on this room next week to show you the details!


    And now comes the biggest challenge of all: the kitchen. We have been round and round and round on this one. My latest idea is to paint the ceiling “Jasper Yellow”.

    On the left is what you see on a monitor, coming from the Ben Moore color swatch. It is not even close. I played around in Photoshop, trying to match my fan deck color, and on the right is about as close as i can come: 

    MPC0004190-2T     Untitled-1

    You will surely be seeing more of my kitchen and all the ideas I’m playing with.

    Fun project; fun party!

    Have a nice weekend!