Some things are so good they need to be repeated!
In July of 2009 I posted this video, “Finding Rhubarb”,  from Maine Cottage. It is one of my favorite videos of and about design and COLOR. I love it; what more can I say? Why? Well, it describes just where the color we see in the products we buy (in this case the fabric and furniture from Maine Cottage) comes from.  Designer Anita Dore says it all so well: that this is not an easy process, as some would say, but takes a lot of patience and a real focus on the “personality” of the color you’re trying to convey. She goes on to describe how she and her team arrived at the color “rhubarb”: through trial and error, through memory, and through patience.

Then, to follow up on color, they produced this video, “Patterns Are Everywhere”.
As Anita says, “It is my job to keep my eyes open”. Well said.
It’s my job also; but it’s also my passion. After all, it’s the details that count! This morning the sky was pink as i took my walk; this afternoon I photographed the peeling bark on our RiverBirch tree. Color and details: it was a bonus day…

I’ve been wanting to recover a chair or two with their fabrics. But somehow, in our former house it just did not work: the colors weren’t right, the scale didn’t work, whatever, and I never went ahead with anything. But here we have more light and larger scale rooms and yes, I think the time has come.
You can see the colors I’m considering. That Zinnia Tweet Suite up top would make a real statement in our living room with the pale gray walls…..