It was “dining room” day: 

Packing up a house–getting ready to move all your belongings–is a wonderful time to really look over what you have. No, not with the intent to throw out or give away….but just to take a moment and SEE what you have. It was an opportunity I didn’t want to miss! Yesterday morning was “do the dining room” time. One sideboard with four drawers, a table with one drawer, and a tall breakfront. Now, the movers will be packing all our kitchen and dishes, so I did leave the china in the breakfront for them..but still, there were linens, antique silver etc. 

The day was bright and sunny, and our dining room has a beautiful bay window facing East (which was one of the top reasons we bought the house in the first place) so the light was perfect for taking some pictures.


The porringer at right, and small spoon, were my husband’s when he was a baby…





ready to be packed up: but the colors all go together so well, even the yellow wall and a corner of our new painting make a perfect tableau! 



all antique, family linens




Herend china; part of our wedding present collection



From “Southern Pottery Inc.”:  U.S. made, collected at various antique shows.




Royal Worcester demi-tasse bought by my sister-in-law in England as a wedding present



And…one of my own designs, from Deruta!

Today was “basement” day. Nothing…believe me…nothing noteworthy to show you! But it’s finished. What to do with all the terra cotta pots? Mine are fairly large. We’ve emptied them, cleaned them and now what? I’m thinking a piece of newspaper in between the pots, then stack them. They can’t go in a box: do the movers wrap them and that’s it? Not sure. 

And tomorrow, check back to see some glassware!