Finally, Iron Mountain is in place!


I painted the mantle and fireplace and I LOVE it. Gorgeous. It’s contemporary, not too serious, unusual and just plain good looking. I couldn’t be happier.

Scroll down to the second picture, see the vertical strips on either side of the fireplace? Those will be painted the same color as the walls: Pale Oak.

Here’s an image from Decor Pad that shows Pale Oak. I looked all over the internet to show you: but the BM paint chips all look too beige on my screen.  This image shows the color the best…

Painting these strips will tie it all together but also make the detail stand out a little more. 




 The clock is an antique family piece that I’ve had for years.



And here it is (was) in all it’s White Linen glory: 


 Because the living areas are really one big space (as opposed to my present 100+ year old house with very defined rooms), I wanted to carry the Iron Mountain through to the hall and stairs. The railing was stained a very ordinary dark walnut looking color….so I sanded off the varnish, Kiltzed it, and am in the process of painting several coats of the Iron Mountain.

Color looks lighter here than in reality..hmmm.






Boring, awful stain:  


Stay tuned for the next installment!