Announcement Time!!!!


I had told you all, many weeks ago, that I would be working with a designer/blogger friend in exploring the color possibilities for our new house. I really didn’t mean to make you wait this long…our trip, and life in general, sort of interrupted the train of thought/flow of information etc. on this project! I am working with…….!!!!!!!…..

Kelly Berg of ArteStyling

Here is Kelly’s Website


Here is her blog

Take a look at her site and you will agree that she has energy, a wonderful style and great sense of color. Thank you Kelly!

Kelly has very graciously and kindly agreed to work with me on this project and help with the color work involved. Yes, I DO work with color, and, as you have seen in my present house up North, I’ve done a pretty good job! But, this new house is so different. The light is different, the layout, the space, the contours, the openness of the rooms, the flow; even the age of the house makes it so very different: seventeen years young versus ninety years old. Here, every step we take is heard througout the house: all the floors creak, none of the doors shut really tightly. It’s quirky, you might say. Well, the new house is just the opposite: silent floors, doors that glide shut quietly, cabinets that click shut easily and, in fact, kitchen drawers that look almost new and without tiny traces of many layers of contac paper!

Kelly lives in California; I am on the East Coast. So yes, this is a challenge. I am going out there in a few weeks so we will actually have a chance to sit and work together: I look forward to that!  In the meantime, I have sent her many pictures and I made two videos of different areas of the house. But for this blog I am going to focus on specific areas, either as we work on them, or just because I want to show you!

First up: the lavatory! My “signature” lav is painted a dark, glossy green.



I know, you can see the little bleeps in the surface of the wall. Well, it’s almost 100 years old, for goodness sake! But isn’t that the cutest, most antiquated sink? The provencal skirt is missing here: sorry! Wish I had a picture of this room as it was when we moved in: the floor (beautiful hardwood) was covered in small purple and lavender ceramic tile and the walls were purple. Yikes!

Here’s a shot of our new lav:


Plain Jane.

The towel bar and paper holder were anchored with tons of these 4″ screws and metal mollies: what were they going to do: chin ups on the towel bar?


I tried to remove them but couldn’t. Our contractor has agreed to take everything out, fill the holes, and smooth out the wall.

That faucet has got to go!

So, I was all set to paint it the same dark, glossy green. And then…well…after Kelly included some blue in her color palette for me (not knowing I am not a fan of blue…), I began thinking. Then I went to the Benjamin Moore paint section at my very nearby Ace Hardware and began looking at dark, very dark blues.

Voila! “Mysterious” from the Affinity line.


It’s hard to tell here and in fact, it looks almost black. But it’s not. It’s spectacular with white woodwork. I’m excited and energized now to really be changing up the colors. Maybe the green has outstayed its welcome; and it just doesn’t seem as contemporary as the blue.

Dare I ask for comments?

(and yes, I DO need suggestions for that wooden “skirt” around the new sink…)