Today was my day to immerse myself with color, with design, with details, with new ideas and finally, with new people. It was my day at Maison et Objet!




Remember the story you saw here all about GRAY?

I’ll be talking to you all about that color (!), but take a look at some other great shots of color on this glorious day in Paris:






Just to give you an idea of the size of this show: here are the buildings at the “Parc des Expositions”. There are eight now, and I think they’re building more…

The show categories are such as 




Interior Design

Home Accessories


It’s all very well divided, easy to access all the buildings, very well marked signs, lots of really NICE places to eat, and, in nice weather, lots of grass and benches of all kinds outdoors.

All in all, so very civilized.

Screenshot copy

That’s it for now…. I know it’s the holiday weekend at home and I’m sure not many people will be checking blogs until Monday night or Tuesday. I’ll be posting lots more from Paris in a few days!

A bientot!