Finally, we are in our apartment! We’re on the Ile St. Louis in the heart of Paris. Yes, sorry to say, it’s just about perfect…

Our apartment  is on the second floor in an early 18th century building, overlooking the Right Bank and the Seine. We are watching all the many tour boats go by. The leaves are fluttering on the trees in the front of the building. Nice trees, full grown, but light enough to allow a full view of the river, and the quai on the Right Bank. 

This should be quite something at night, to see the lights on the river and across it, and to feel the breeze in our sleeping loft upstairs.

Here’s the view from where I am sitting, typing, right now:






When we arrived:



I.M. Pei’s Pyramid at the Louvre:

We spent hours outside the Louvre and Musee des Arts Decoratif, walking in the Tuileries, sitting on the grass, eating and people watching. There is something about this pyramid that is almost mesmerizing…the first time I saw it, after hearing about it for years, I thought “No, this just isn’t right and no, I don’t go for it at all”. Well, I’ve really come round…now I find it fascinating. The juxtaposition of the very new and shiny with the very old and textured museum walls is wonderfully refreshing.



Restaurant Review:

Take note of this great restaurant: Sorza. They don’t have a website, unfortunately.

Address: 51 rue Saint Louis en l’Ile.

I always search for a restaurant that serves risotto: it’s difficult to get just right…and this one did! Very very good. The salad to start was just right: arugula with an almost sweet dressing, a few olives, and pesto around the edges. And dessert: well, what can I say. French toast, soaking in butter and caramel, with lovely sliced pears on the side. 


Update: it’s 10:00 P.M. now and oh man….the dinner and tour boats are non-stop! One after the other!  Some have bright spot lights, shining up our way (we’re on the 3rd Floor), maybe trying to catch a glimpse of the residents. They will be bored by our apartment: we stare back at them, go back to blogging, and drink some more wine!