It’s that time of year again…

I’m talking about the Maison et Objet Show in Paris!


Last year was my first time attending. It was an amazing experience. Aside from being in a foreign country…the show is a complete delight. It is easy to navigate and just so chock full of visual delights at every turn that at first, of course, you feel overwhelmed. But take it easy: stroll a bit, get your bearings, stop at one of the most civilized cafes or restaurants and have a glass of wine or espresso…and you’re off and running!

Here, from their website, are previews of some of the different halls:




You can read about last year’s experiences here and here.

But this year! What a treat! I am meeting up, first, with Delana of the blog DuJour. Delana and I have become fast friends; she lives in Aix-en-Provence and has wonderful stories to tell in her blog. She writes well, has lots to say about her observations of her almost two years of living in France; very amusing and witty indeed! Anyway, we have become friends…and may even have a little business in the making…and are looking forward to our “meet up” in Paris.

Then, I was invited by another blogger friend, Claudia of The Paris Apartment, to join her “meet up” with other bloggers at Cafe Deux Magots! (I know, tourist central, but it’s convenient!)

This is going to be funnnn….

Then…. yes, there’s more: My husband is coming over and we’ve rented an apartment on the Ile St. Louis. Some friends of ours from home will also be in Paris, so we will have lots to share. I’ll be showing you that, for sure, and so much more.

For now, I leave you with another bit of excitement: I am going into New York on Friday for the Nate Berkus show! We got tickets for the taping: have to be in line at 8 AM (that means leaving here at 6 AM). No pictures are allowed, of course, but I’ll try to find out the date this show will be aired.

And now, to bed, to rest up for all this!