Welcome To My House!




I’ve been wondering just HOW I am going to approach this entire project: this “moving” thing is enormous… We now own two houses (anyone interested in a lovely, 1923 house, in excellent condition, in Poughkeepsie, New York?) No, I didn’t think there would be many hands raised!

The NEW house is in Pittsboro, North Carolina; actually it’s in a small village called Fearrington. No, I’m not going to put a link in here: if you are that interested, you will have to Google it for yourself!

We closed just a week ago, and the next day had a small shipment of furniture and boxes delivered: just enough to see us through the odd week down there between now and December. The same day that shipment arrived, we had two mattresses delivered (these are for future guest room mahogany beds); a new gorgeous HUGE fridge delivered; phone, DSL, and Dish TV installed; plumber arrived; contractor arrived to spec a new wall, French doors and built ins…. and we were exhausted!

The pictures above are of the front walkway and, to the left there, behind that overgrown tree/bush, is the front door. Those two evergreens are coming down…soon! Through the white gate is a brick L-shaped terrace with trees and gardens on all sides, and a door going into the kitchen and dining area. But oh ! the possibilities in those perfectly sized side gardens !!! Did you know that gardenias grow everywhere down there? Yes, I want several bushes in this walkway, as well as lavender, and more hydrangeas, and Russian sage and the list goes on. Because we are moving in December, I will dig up some of my perrenials from here, put them in pots, and transport to N.C.; namely, my iris and evening primrose. Dahlia tubers will already have been put to bed in my basement here.

And last, but certainly not least, I will have a surprise for you later this week! A blogger friend, soon to be revealed, has agreed to consult with me on some of the interiors of the new house! She is an interior design consultant and someone whose work I have long admired and now, after talking with her, feel I have found a new friend. Once again, the blogosphere shows me how wonderful this new virtual world is!

I’ll leave you with this picture of the view from that front walk to the square in front of our house: