Yes, I spelled it correctly

How many of you know what this is? 

Answer:  Glamorous Camping!

I know, all you die-hard outdoor campers are cringing and wringing your hands. Not me! Camping is just not something I would EVER volunteer for….no, give me a nice bed, hot water, fluffy pillows, no bugs and no sleeping bag, thank you very much. I’ve never liked camping: even as a child during our summers in the woods of Maine, it was not something I looked forward to. Oh yes, it was an adventure. And yes, we got to eat lots of marshmallows and drink very creamy coffee out of tin mugs. That was the good part. The bad part: let me count the ways… No, not for me. 

Still, I am very conflicted about this…I mean, luxurious camping? Why not stay in a hotel? How pretentious can you get? When you watch the video below…well… it’s just a bit much.

But “glamping” is taking place all over the world! Read all about in the New York Times.

Here’s their lead picture from the Clayoquot Wilderness Resort


{just my style…}

And then I looked around on YouTube and found a video for the resort: 

You can read more about it here and here.

Hope you enjoyed this diversion! Everyone (well, almost everyone) is on vacation, so no Trendy Monday today. We would all love to hear YOUR opinion about this new phenomenon, and your thoughts on camping…