Check it out: Nate Berkus Associates new website.

Read all about him, his products,what he’s been doing, and down at the bottom click on “Show”.




We had VIP tickets: thank you Smith, Emma and JoAnn!

No standing in line.

We went right in to the VIP lounge where we were recruited as extras in a short clip featuring AME Logan. AME is the oldest Avon rep (she’s 96!) and has been selling Avon products since 1954. Yup: I got to be an extra here! And, during the taping of the actual show, they played the edited version of what will be shown in September, and for a split second you can catch me! 

And here is my group, after the show: 


Can’t tell you exactly when this show will be aired: it will be late September. I’ll let you know when I know.

It was a fun day! Gorgeous weather, lunch afterward at Pigalle, a chance to chat with friends….but more than anything, the chance to see Nate LIVE!