Luckily, the weekend spanned several days…

Just like everyone else, I had many plans for the holiday weekend. But I’m betting my plans were of a different kind than almost everyone else. At the very heart of my weekend was…MOVING. Yes, I am moving out of my downtown studio/office space. I have to be out by the 15th of July and, thank goodness…., I got started early. It has been so much more time consuming, and I have SO MUCH MORE STUFF, than I had imagined, or accounted for! We go down there every evening to pack some more, throw out some more STUFF, begin to mark CAREFULLY all the USB ports on the computer and modem, take down the shelves with their endless screws, give away some of the furniture….you get the idea.

Here it is torn apart:




Cleaning out a drawer, I came upon ALL these old credit cards! It felt good to CUT them up…


I’ve been working on a post “of place”: I wanted to show you the above office (before) and all the gadgets and everyday items I use. I’ll post those tomorrow!


That was on Friday. Skip ahead to Saturday morning and I was out in the garden cutting some flowers to bring inside. Delphinium, Lavender, Bee Balm, Daisies and Lythrum. I’ve never cut my delphinium before: it always seemed too precious to actually cut and bring inside! But it gorgeous and lasts for days and days. The plants are SO tall that some of them have fallen over, and the vines around them have also started to invade, so it was time to clip a few flower stems. 

Flowers July 4 1


Flowers July 4 2


And finally, something RED WHITE AND BLUE:


What could be better than lobster on July 4th? But the placemats and napkins just make the holiday table!