So, what exactly IS a pouf?

Here are some definitions I found on line:

a thick cushion used as a seat
a women’s hair style
a part of a garment gathered into a puff

Let’s go with the first one… and you will see that they are VERY much a trend and are seen all over design-land.


Pouf Colors

I’m still on the fence with poufs…not too sure about them. In one sense they seem to be just another unnecessary, extraneous accessory to add to general clutter. Do we really need this piece of fluff?

Ok, on the other hand, they DO make sense! It’s always nice to put your feet up; in fact, I am always sitting on our sofa just because it has a nice, sturdy, feet-up-on-me table in front of it. And, of course, they make a great extra seat or casual stool. Some of them can even accomodate a tray for food.

Here are some room settings showing poufs:

from the formal to the sublime!


{house beautiful}


the white/neutral interior we are seeing so much of lately, with that great splash of orange (it’s all in the details, right?)

{my home ideas}


serene, peaceful, calming, formal: and then, the pink pouf!




gray and yellows; hmmm, haven’t we been seeing these around?




love it, love it: in your face color!




and from West Elm: the classic look



Window-grab copy


just like the fireworks, we will end with the biggest, brightest of them all:

{Interior }

I was going to go on and show you the blogs that have either mentioned or featured poufs, but maybe I’ll save that for another time. Tell me(us) what you think of them, whether you use them, and if you think they have a future!