It’s the buzz around here:

      Is Chelsea Clinton getting married in Rhinebeck?

When I started working on this post, a few weeks ago, “the buzz” hadn’t really started. I was going to start off with “What is Rhinebeck best known for?” and give you the answer:  The Beekman Arms hotel. But now that a few weeks have passed , that’s not quite right, or true!

Lots of speculation; lots of gossip; lots of stories and Clinton sightings. Word has it that the wedding will take place in Rhinebeck,N.Y. at Astor Courts on July 31. But then again, Martha’s Vineyard could just be the place, and Rhinebeck the red herring!

Thursday morning:

Update: It’s been confirmed: the wedding is definitely in Rhinebeck at Astor Courts..



Have you ever been to Rhinebeck? To the Hudson Valley? 

Rhinebeck Village is located about 100 miles north of New York City, about a mile East of the Hudson River. It’s where we always head for a really good dinner out; nothing where we are compares. I think my favorite restaurant, and one that is consistenly good, is Gigi.

Their arugula salad with shaved parmesan and lemon juice is simply the best!


One of, if not the only, best independent movie theatres for miles around is Upstate Films.

 The sign above is for “I Am Love” which we just saw last week: rave reviews from all the critics we trust…well, we weren’t so crazy about it. Have you seen it? 

Here are some random views of the village:






This is one of the great places in Rhinebeck! A.L. Stickle’s Five & Dime Store. Truly one of a kind. Nothing has been redone since it opened in this location in 1951… I think it’s the creaky wooden floors that make the place; that and the sort of old, musty smell that reminds some of us of childhood days in the old Woolworth’s of our hometowns. When my daughter was small we bought her so many wonderful presents here: the miniature food boxes and packets, wrapped in a net, that went into her mini-grocery cart and were “sold” in her mini store front at home. She absolutely delighted in coming here, just as I still do! 


Then there is The Rug Garden, owned and operated by my friend Deb. Take a look her site for some really gorgeous rugs.

Rhinebeck 014

Every Sunday, from May through November, is the Farmers Market. Now this is a farmer’s market! 

Tomatoes 2_thumb[4]


Sprout Creek Cheese_thumb[2]

So, in the grand scheme of things, it really doesn’t matter if Chelsea gets married here….the village has so much to offer. I haven’t even mentioned Hammertown Barn, Oblong Books, Le Petit Bistro, Bread Alone, Blue Cashew Kitchen: the list goes on. Come and see for yourself! 

P.S.  Well, apparently presents have started to arrive at Astor Courts, so…..maybe it really IS Rhinebeck. Do you care?