Today I’ll introduce you to some of the exhibitors (new to me) that I saw at the Mart. With an added treat at the very end! 

For those of you not familiar with the Mart, there are three buildings and now, one of them has a “West Wing”…they are all six to eighteen stories high with showrooms for the permanent exhibitors or booths for the temporaries. Oh yes, there are elevators, but woe to you if you are in a hurry! The endless waits for the crowded elevators; easier, by far, to go up or down by escalator. 

So let’s get started: 

We’ll begin with John Lane Designs. Saturday morning, bright and early, I headed over to Building 1, home of rugs, textiles, antiques and all the temporary booths. First floor I stepped out on was filled with wonderful, unique, recycled antiques. 

John Lane’s Vintage Studios “specializes in reinterpreting ornamental antique wrought iron” and in “recrafting” these pieces. Nice description. Here are just a few of his wonderful pieces. The best part was that he is based in Durham, North Carolina, very very near where I will be moving in the next few months! I’ll be seeing you, John, for a new(old) garden gate….

great table made from a bank rail!


lamp made from a railroad spring


table base from a truck spring:


 Then across the aisle to Industrial-Chic:


Chris works in San Francisco, where he “specializes in unique industrial furniture for the Home/Loft/Office.”


Next on the schedule, a(nother)walk through the many floors in Building 2. I had seen Peacock Park Design the day before, went to their website that night and went back to visit and talk to Gina, founder and partner. 

Peacock Park is a distributor “of European chic home decor; decorative accessories for the home and garden with an antique inspired edge.”

Feedsack pillows

printed bamboo mats:


melamine dinnerware:


all kinds of letter and words:



And last, but certainly NOT least, was the “Entertaining in Style” talk from the one and only Eddie Ross.


What is it about Eddie? He is endearing. He speaks well. He explains carefully. He’s clever, of course. But it’s more than all that: he’s a nice person. I know, it sounds corny. Eddie has so many friends and fans: he must be doing something right! Rebecca and I had front row seats, and I picked up some great tips for entertaining (effortlessly, he says…I wonder…) We are entertaining this Friday evening, so maybe I’ll try some new, very clever, Eddie-like, table accessories!