My first “antique” piece.

So, here is the very first piece of antique furniture I ever bought. My pediatrician’s wife had an antique shop..this had been an old dough trough and had been refinished in the Pennsylvania Dutch style (I grew up in Pennsylvania). It had been hanging around: first at my parents’ house, and then in ours, for many, many years. Each year it looked sadder and sadder. Time to DO something about it.

Chest painted 4 
Chest Painted 3
 Here is what I did:

Chest Painted 2

Chest painted 1

Problem still to be resolved : what to do with the interior. It had wall paper…very dated indeed. I (sort of) scraped. And now I don’t know what to use.

Chest Painted6 

Chest Painted5

As you can see, I use it to store bits of fabric. So what to do? Contact paper? Wall paper, again? That seems a little much; I mean, measuring all those sides and corners,  pasting, cutting, etc.

Suggestions, please, all you DIY’ers!

And, please, make it simple, yes?

I’m linking to the party at Room to Inspire!