The latest blog/post news:

I have two newsworthy items to tell you all!

1.   Be sure to check in here on Monday, June 28th when….I will be a Guest Blogger over at Rachel Perl’s HueConsulting blog. We have a great post for you: all about color and design and the evolution of a design collection! It was lots of fun, for me, to really focus on one story and to have it edited and then (we’ll see on Monday) published on another blog. I have been a fan of Rachel’s for a long time. I’m flattered to join her team while she is “on leave”.

Remember, that’s this coming Monday, June 28th.


2. Here, at An Eye For Detail, I will be joined by a guest blogger in July! No names yet…but I will tell you she has been in the arts for many years, calls Europe home, loves color, and is a seasoned blogger.

Not sure of the final date, but her series will begin in July.

Hope you have a nice weekend!