My travel essentials!

Renee at Cottage and Vine is having a fun party. She says: “The question is, if you are going away for the weekend and can only take five products, in your cosmetic bag, what would they be. “

Well, I couldn’t resist. I travel a lot: some trips are short-weekenders and others are weeks-long-across-the-pond kinds of trips. Even for the short variety, if I am flying, I am NOT a carry-on gal. No, if I go somewhere I want to be prepared…

In the last year I have become totally enamored with this kind of suitcase:

the 26″:


and for short trips, the 21″:

Screenshot copy

And my makeup kit of choice, just found on line:


Five products….yikes…!…..which five? Hard to narrow it down, Renee, but here goes:

Absolutely essential: Bare Minerals makeup. I love it. Period.


Eye liner. My all time favorite is the French Bourjois in black. It’s retractable and lasts forever.


Can I sneak this in? Assuming the hotel has a hair dryer, I need my straightener!


Then my moisturizer. I use Lac-Hydrn. Ever heard of it? Maybe not. Wonderful, wonderful for anyone with very dry skin, and I use it, and it alone, on my face and body.


And for my hair, a nice thick conditioner from Bumble and Bumble:

Screenshot copy

So, what would you pack in this essential kit??