Have you ever been to the beach in Paris?
This is Paris Plage. I know, you may remember a similar post I did last summer…but for the uninitiated, do take a look! You can sun bathe, play volleyball, people watch, eat, and even swim …by the side of the Seine. Remember, it can get HOT in Paris, and they definitely do NOT indulge in the amount of air conditioning we are used to here.


Watch the video below and relax at the beach, in Paris. It goes on for at least 8 minutes, but think of it as your short (very short!) vacation in Paris!
The city of Paris sets up and opens “beaches” by the Seine, for six weeks each summer! Complete with sand, chairs, pools, even water sports. Three different locations along the Right Bank. It’s been, I think, eight years now. When this was first proposed it was considered by many too frivolous and, who would actually put on a bathing suit and sit in “imported” sand in the middle of Paris? Well, it now gets so crowded by noon that it’s impossible to find a chair (you can bring you own…) and all ages have come to look forward to, and depend on, this summer experience.
I’m joining the party over at Le Chateau des Fleurs!