Yard Sale….at Eddie Ross

Yes, it was Yard Sale Weekend chez Eddie and Jaithan! They live in upstate New York, in the Hudson Valley. And this was their much anticipated yard sale…I was there within an hour of its opening. Lots of goodies! Of all kinds. Silver, fabric, furniture, dinnerware, bone-handled knives, lampshades, books and the list goes on. True to form, they were gracious hosts! Not only was it a sale: it was an “event”, drawing people from near and far. What a perfect way to start the long weekend… and I went on to Millerton for lunch with a friend and discovered lots of great shops and restaurants.

this is the house:


this is the view:


these are the people:



here are their neighbors:


and here are the goods:

Collage 1

I’m still kicking myself for not buying that great DIY table….but I did buy the sel et poivre grinders… here they are all cleaned up:


and here’s the sweet little green pitcher, now filled with daisies:


and of course, being me, I couldn’t resist some pictures of their flowers:




thanks Eddie, thanks Jaithan, thanks Shaari for making it a great day

and Kay: I’m sorry you missed it; and we missed you…..

Hope you all have a good weekend: I’ll be back on Tuesday.