What a whirlwind weekend!

The weekend started out Friday afternoon as we drove up to the Berkshires to spend the night in an ordinary motel. Not so! We opened our bottle of wine and sat looking at the setting sun out over the water.  Then, the restaurant attached to said ordinary motel was Indian. We were in for a treat: authentic, delicious Tandoori and curry served while we sat by the water’s edge!

Saturday morning off to Brimfield. The weather was perfect. The “show” seems to get better each time I go, in part because it no longer feels SO overwhelming and enormous. I had definite fields, and names of booths, where I was headed…but of course was side-tracked many, many times. At the beginning of the day I was taking pictures every few feet: most vendors are fine with pictures, but I do always ask first, and yes, there are a few who won’t allow it. By the end of the day…well, it was all I could do to put one foot in front of the other.

I’ll do at least two posts on Brimfield..so stay tuned…but for now I have a few highlights to show you. 

First stop is Nifty Thrifty Dry Goods. Do you know it? It has been one of my very favorite booths at Brimfield every time I go! 

Oh my goodness. What to say? Are you looking for trim? Ribbon? Buttons? Ideas? Colors ? They have it. Sue’s story is of a tradition carried down through the generations, and her displays mimic those of her grandmother’s dry goods store.










The displays, much less the products, are so rich in details. I did ask Sue if there was a best selling colorway. Green and cream was her answer. Hmmm: food for thought!
Visits to Sue’s studio in Barrington, R.I. are available by appointment.  Check the website above.      

Next is going back to last Monday’s post on Grain Sacks. I was on the lookout! 



                            Yes! These from La Casita in Tampa, Florida.

And finally, at the end of the day, we made our way to The Textile Trunk, home of Wendy Lewis, the famous purveyour of all things grain sack and French textile.

It’s the first time I have actually met someone from the blog world! We were so surprised to “see” each other…Wendy is great: she’s friendly, great sense of humor, very down to earth, loves to talk about what she does and how she does it, and is just so full of information. She is, in her own words, “just a little obsessed with fabrics!” Here we are:

  ok, ok, not a great picture: it had been a long day!

 Note that gorgeous antique window fabric in the background.

I listened to Wendy’s story, and she listened to mine, and I am sure we will get together again.

I was going to continue with the next day, today Sunday and my trip into the Javits Center. Three shows to see, walk and review: Surtex, Stationery and Furniture.

I’m going to let them go until tomorrow! Time to call it a day.