Life is busy. 

Things don’t always arrive on time. And so, my best Mother’s Day present arrived today, Tuesday.

Bag 1

Bag 2

Let me explain the above pictures. My daughter lives in Washington D.C. where it is now not possible to have any store put your purchases in an awful plastic bag without a charge…so everyone, and I mean almost everyone, carries these wonderful totes/bags, including my daughter. They fit nicely in a purse. 

Now, where I live everyone relies on those awful plastic bags and assumes it is their right to be given any number of them each and every time you make a purchase. What can I say? It’s awful, to put it mildly. So… now I have my own personal bag! (Not counting the bags I use solely for groceries, see post here.)


The magazines. My daughter works in a museum in D.C. and every spring there is the Smithsonian Craft Fair. She knows (!)  how much I love this kind of event..but couldn’t go this year. So, she got the magazines for me to look at pour over and drool; not to mention probably find some great links for stories for you, and maybe even some great things I want to buy..

    The card. Well, that was the killer. See the little girl imitating her Mother? (The pajamas, the book, the leg crossed…)

Inside it says: “Thanks for all that we share. Happy Mother’s Day”

Those of you who know us, know we DO share many, many, many things. We are close. She is everything anyone could want in a daughter.

Thank you, my sweet!