Let me introduce Anabel Fournier…

    …and so I whisper is Anabel’s blog.  Not only are her products out of this world; her pictures are just as wonderful. Add to that her unusual and unique life story and the result is a blend of sophistication, curiosity, love of color and materials and an attention to details that won me over! 

I’ve wanted to do a giveaway with some of her products for some time now. But I also wanted to interview her for a feature post… so here I am … combining the two. I asked her some questions, just last week, to which she responded.

Q:  Would you tell us something about you and your unusual history?

A.:  I am a native Costa Rican of French descent and mother of two wonderful kids, living in Bolivia. I am a person of the arts who cannot keep still, and my mind and my hands are always busy creating new things and playing with every material that gets into my hands. I have traveled extensively since I was very young and enjoy the challenge of moving to new places and discovering new cultures.

Q:  Can you tell us how that has influenced not only your present style, but how you think that has made your style unique? I mean, how is your world view different from, say, someone who has always lived in one place?

A.:   After living in Europe, South America, Central America, Africa and the Middle East, I have found that my perceptions are much more sensitive and open to discovery. I have learned to use color and mix textures in everything in my life. Traveling and moving around has made me a much more tolerant and adaptable person to different environments and settings. I have met many people who have inspired me, who have taught me new ways doing things.

Q:  And your sense of color: is it color that guides you? Or materials? Or both? Does one come first and sort of lead you to the other?

A:  I first look into the materials I would like to use and then I look for the colors that work for each collection. 

Q:  When you lived in Africa, did you also look to the local women for their craft “ability” and use them? You are still importing items from Africa, right? As you move around the world, do you think you will continue to work with people from these different countries, or would you prefer to concentrate your efforts in one country? 

A:  Yes, I lived in Africa for two years. I learned there the wonderful art of beading and now use it in my accessories collections. I am still importing fabric from different parts of Africa because I love the colors and designs.

I concentrate my efforts in creating styles and collections that can be manufactured wholly in Bolivia where my permanent workshop is located, but I love the materials and colors from different parts of the world, and as they become available to me I would like to keep experimenting and creating with them.

Since 2003 I started a poverty alleviation project in Bolivia to provide work and improve incomes to women knitters in the city of Cochabamba. We started with a baby and children’s clothing line, and since November 2009 started a line of women’s clothing and accessories.

     Now, let’s get on to the Giveaway!

#1.           African “Khanga” necklace.

         These fabrics are from Kenya, and the beads from Tanzania 

                           African Khanga necklace1rev 


                          African Necklace medallion1rev 

#3.   Pendant Necklace

   Made from Pima cotton from Peru and pewter from Bolivia. Hand made in Bolivia.

                  Pendant-Pewter Necklace1rev 


      Faux pearl handmade in Bolivia.

                             Faux Pearl-Crochet necklace1rev 


       Summer weight Pima cotton scarf made in Bolivia

                             Crochet Scarf Light Blue1rev

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That’s up to three entries!  Giveaway will close at 9 PM on Sunday, June 6, 2010.

The winner will be announced the following day, Monday June 7, 2010.