Details can be the small, simple things in life or they can be the larger, complicated and essential elements… and they can mean different things to different people. What I consider a small, inconsequential detail may be a huge issue to you.

Here we have what had become a huge issue in our household…a wooden screen! I had bought this many years ago as part of my booth exhibit at Surtex (trade show); it was very clever: there were shelves that fit across from side to side to use as a display surface. It also came with hooks so I could exhibit mugs and cups. It’s NOT a great piece: not very well made… in fact, very flimsy. But there was something about it I just liked.

Not so, my family! “Throw it out”; “Give it away”. The years went by and it sat, folded up, in the basement. But now, of course, I am into DIY projects (thank you, blog land!) and this was a perfect project!

Having just made a short story very long…. here you go:

Screen 2

boring, boring…..

Screen 1

fun, bright, bodacious:

Painted Screen 2

Painted Screen 1
     I can’t wait to use it!