How to use those blue roses?    Remember my blue roses, as used on the much sought after butter dish? The butter dish is working well! But, I have all those blue roses left over. Then, I remembered my garlic keeper in the fridge:

                  Garlic 3 

The “garlic” knob/handle had broken off twice, twice I had glued it back, and now it was in a drawer. Yes! 
Perfect candidate for a rose! I sanded down the bottom of a rose, sanded the spot on top of the garlic keeper, glued…

                      Garlic 2 

Great, right?
                      Garlic 1 

In case you just tuned in, here is the butter dish and here is it’s story.

                    Butter Dish3 

                       I’m linking to Susan’s party at Between Naps on the Porch!

                                                            Pic for Body of Blog3