How in the world did I come across Bobbie Burgers? 

    I honestly do not remember: the link has been here on my computer for some time, under the gallery, Bau-Xi, which represents her both in Canada and the U.S. She is Canadian, and as you might guess when you scroll below, has studied and painted in Provence, France.

    Where to even begin? Her paintings are FABULOUS. The color, the sheer explosion of color, is out of the world wonderful. 

    Of her subject matter (flowers) she has said, “Flowers became my focus only because I wanted a medium to express colour. It’s not that I have an obsession with flowers – there just seems to be an endless variety of shape and form and colour.”

    And to her process she says: A still life can look very traditional. A floral can look like nothing more than a rendering. But I want them to be larger than life, undeniably there, sucking you in.”





Wonderfully exuberant and colorful! 

The next show at Bau-Xi  will be this coming July in Vancouver and  October in Toronto.