In keeping with the season, and because I am in love with garden ornaments, I thought the timing was just right for this post (and besides, I have had more fun researching it!). As a matter of fact, I’ve had the basic reasearch in my drafts folder for many weeks, just waiting til the time was right. This is it! All gardens everywhere are beginning to look so wonderful and once again my mood (yours too?) is what…..? joyous? playful? optimistic? Yes, that describes it all right.

Here is an assortment of garden goodies, from the very serious, classic accoutrements to the playful, silly, colorful ones. There is truly something for everyone and every garden.

Garden Ornaments

Here is my all time favorite garden “ornament”: our rabbit! He was given to us in the Year of the Rabbit, 1999… and has been sitting in the garden since then (with brief intervals indoors in the worst of winter). For the past three years he has also stood watch over the spirit of our dog who used to lie in the grass, facing south, just as the rabbit still does…


This wonderful fleur-de-lis ornament was a gift to me from my friend Ellen…a TOTAL surprise! We had spent the day at Brimfield, and then left in our respective cars. Well, months later, at my birthday party, she surprised me with this! It had stood in a booth of a garden/antique dealer from Missouri…I will be going back this May and will find him again. I DO bring it indoors in the winter to sit by our fireplace.

Ellen Ornament

To train your climbers, or restrain your annuals:

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Have a seat! In your garden, or anywhere:


{trellis and trugs}



This garden bench, European, from 1900:


Here I put the pillow on the chair!

Outdoor chair & cushion
{ terrain}

And, to hold your plants or pots:


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Another favorite of mine: stone troughs. Whether old or new, they add texture to any garden setting:


This one, from 1880:

{from Thyme on the Terrace}

And last, but certainly not (by any means) least, I want to introduce you to :

Styer’s in Glen Mills, PA


I want to go… do you live anywhere near it? Please, let us know what your experience has been, what is especially wonderful about it, or what you have bought there.

Aside from selling so many great garden items, they have events i.e. seminars, classes; they have a variety of workshops, like this one on June 10: “Girls Night Outdoors: Herb Cocktails”! Want to join me for that one? Or how about: “Children and Pet Friendly Gardening”. The website also has recipes, tons of pictures of what’s for sale for garden and home, and then the Cafe where they post a menu.

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