October 13, 2010

I’m linking up today to PK’s new linky party “Pattern Inspiration”!  Now, this is not a DIY post at all; and, in fact, this post was written last April..but it IS about pattern. Take a look at some of the pictures and you will see what I mean….

It is particularly relevant because tomorrow I am going into New York for the fall 2010 Tabletop Show (this post was written after the Spring 2010 show). So, I will be seeing and showing you lots of new things! 

It was a gorgeous day to be in New York!

    My first stop was at the building known as 7W….because it’s actual address is 7 West34th Street. Makes sense no? For those of you not familiar with either this market in New York, or the building, it is a

    “ dedicated home accents building featuring product from a variety of categories,       including Home Décor, Table Top, Giftware, Textiles and Decorative Accessories.”

    Today I was there to visit the showrooms of tabletop manufacturers and related categories:  ceramics, melamine, high-end, mass market, sales reps showrooms, gift accessories and more. This is something I do several times a year either at this building, or the larger trade shows in Atlanta, New York or San Francisco. My customers, the manufacturers, have offices and showrooms in these buildings and/or exhibit at the trade shows, so it offers a great opportunity to see their newest collections, and to discuss what my artists are doing for them and show new artwork.

    This week there was, as usual, a display in the lobby. But somehow this one seemed particularly good, professional, easy to read and I really liked the way they had displayed so many different product categories. Now, there was also another show taking place in the building called “Printsource” where design studios from all over the world bring artwork to sell or license to potential customers/manufacturers. It worked well, I thought, having both in the same building. In the past, Printsource had been over in a hotel near Penn Station: not exactly convenient if you were in the gift buildings on Fifth Avenue.

    So the show and building display team put together these vignettes for the lobby display:

         Table 1  Table 1des

         Table 2  Table 2des

         Table 3  Table 3des

        Table 4  Table 4des

    I have more to show you so just wait until  tomorrow night (when I come up for air and can upload all the photos)… But I will leave you for now with these words: the market was busy! People everywhere, lots of bright colors, lots of silver (!), and a very upbeat vibe . As one showroom manager said to me: “the light at the end of the tunnel is getting closer and closer”.