Are you ready for 2011?   Pantone is. Here are their nine color trend boards for the coming year in Home Fashion. These were presented by Leatrice Eiseman in a webinar earlier today. She pointed to simplicity and clarity as the two most important aspects for today in lifestyle for the American consumer. Furthermore, as she said, color is what “engages the consumer” and  quality and value, added to color, are what drive sales, especially in today’s economy and culture. 

Take a look at the nine color and lifestyle themes below. I was hoping to have the actual Pantone color numbers for you..but won’t have them until next week. I may do a post, but if not, feel free to contact me for a chart with the numbers!


                                                   Cottage Industry

                       “quiet pastels along with a group of tasty neutrals..”


Cottage 2  
Cottage 3

       Simply Stated

                                 “simplicity and comfort meet urban rustic”


Simply Stated 2   
Simply Stated 3

  Style and Substance

                              “elegance and sophistication are two words….”


Style2    Style3


                          “clarity illustrates a very clean approach to design”


Clarity 2   
Clarity 3


                              “a compilation of various cultures..”


Fragments 4   
Fragments 3


                                        “classics never go out of style”



 Focal Points

                                    “combining colors creates a pathway..”


Focal 4  
Focal 3

                Mixed Media

                  “…brings together examples of various fabrications”

Mixed media 

Mixed media2   
Mixed media3

                Wit and Whimsy 

                                       “..invites you to put on a happy face”
Wit & Whimsy

Wit & Whimsy2  
Wit & Whimsy3
       The next Pantone webinar is:    

                          “Designer’s Choice: What Colors Are They Buying?


The sign up page is here. The date is Thursday, May 20. If you’ve never “attended” a webinar before: it’s easy! You can use speakers on your computer, or your phone. Since I use a headset on my phone I just dial in and listen via Verizon! But all the visuals are there, and audio is very clear. I capture the images on the screen with Evernote, using the “clip screenshot into Evernote” mode. Ask me if you need help!