This is new for me!

I am linking up today to Sarah at Pewter & Sage! Once a month Sarah posts an idea/reference/visuals to get us started. Then we are to design a room around those visuals and ideas! The only limitation is to work from that reference: otherwise you are free to choose what kind of room, anything that goes in it, the theme, etc. We have to reference the pieces we choose, and give direct links to the website. And last, we have to explain our choice and why are room works!

What fun….. I just came upon this last week (Sarah posts the original inspiration one week prior to deadline) and was particularly intrigued as the inspiration for this week’s Mood Board is from PATCH at West Elm!!!


I used the PATCH ceramics and throw pillows as my inspiration:


for a bright, cheerful, sophisticated sun room:

Mood Board Final2
Here are my products and their reference sites:

#1.Liorra Manne rug

2. Fabrics from Carolina Irving

3. Glass pendant from Ballard Designs:

4. Bowl from Simon Pearce

5. Corner Unit Seating area

6. Plant stand from Terrain

7. Paints fromFarrow & Ball: India Yellow and Cream

8. Painting from Laurie Goddard

9. Mirror

10. Clock from Timeworks, Inc.

11. Ceramic Lamp from Simon Pearce:

I’m thinking of….this very bright, cheerful sun room! Not a family room and not a
living room…but a compact space with lots of light. The wood cut imagery from
Patch can be very “mood” specific, or it can be one element in a broader mix of
styles. I chose the broader mix.

In using the colors 1. black & white 2. celadon 3. ochre I have created a soft palette of yellows, creams, blue/greens, and for texture I have used glass, and various metals.

For the seating area I went mid-century modern, and used a dark fern-like green called “Eucalyptus Linen”. This would look wonderful on the soft colors of the muted rug.

You know I am a big fan of Carolina Irving textiles, and it seems to me her almost-hand-blocked technique fits so well with the wood block imagery of these pillows and ceramics.

A plant stand is just the thing to blend the Victorian influence with the botanical/ wood cut imagery!

The painting from Laurie Goddard: well, what can I say… I adore her work! I met her just recently at the Architectural Design Show at Pier 94, and return to her site often. I had a hard time choosing which painting to include here, but this one has the strong black lines which fit well with the PATCH images.

For the walls I have used Farrow & Ball paints; I’m thinking of blending these two colors, going from the darker yellow near the bottom of the walls, and progressing to the lighter cream as you go up the wall! This would, of course, add height to the walls but also some texture (as you blend them), and with the yellow, maintain the sunny, bright effect of the sunroom.

Thanks, Sarah, for this great opportunity!