We’ve come a long way baby since the days of boring brown bags…

Shopping bags have become a fashion item…in case you hadn’t noticed! From the very expensive designer bags to the lowly (but so useful) grocery chain bags: there is a time and a place, and a price point, for any kind of bag you seek.


#1:etsy: so sorry, I can’t find the link right now(but I had to include as it’s one of my favorites here…. #2. at reusablebags.com #3. at reusablebags.com #4. chicagoreader.com #5. paperchase.uk 6.onebagatatime #7. reusablebags.com

Some of these are made from all recycled products, and some are for YOUR recycled products. One of my favorite new finds, in the “lets use recycled products” category is atwestend.com. I love these bags to hold your bottles, papers etc.:


These made from discarded rice sacks:


Here’s a great carryall from Bliss Living:

Another great source for all sizes, shapes and patterns for grocery totes is Neela Bags. With prints like these, they hardly look like grocery bags, and I can attest to their holding up beautifully for over four years now…


And for the serious shopper…. how about a trolley? These are very popular in Europe and just beginning to be used over here (maybe they just weren’t chic enough?) mainly in cities. Here’s one we just spied yesterday at TJMaxx:


This line-up, as seen in Paris last fall:
BHV bags1

Not a bad selection! There’s something for everyone.