I’m beginning slightly backwards… But eventually you will see it all!

We’re working on the living room in this project. Paint the walls; reupholster one chair; what to do with the mantel?; repaint inside a bookcase. That’s it for now.

I decided to tackle the back/inside of a bookcase today. Here is what it had been:

Bookcase Blue

Blue Bookcase far

1)You’ve seen my paint chip/color story(below)

2)You have also seen my finished living room (where this bookcase rests)

Paint Chips

The bright blue wasn’t quite…. right. I have used the Farrow & Ball “Blazer” red on various walls, but thought I would try something with a little more…umph:

Red Paint 1
The color is Benj. Moore “Million Dollar Red”

I know, maybe no real reason to change it…but then again, why not?

And, why the yellow plate? It’s all I had in the house: very simple.

Bookcase part painted
hmmmm: one coat was clearly not going to do it! I was using the Aura gloss, and I’m not sure what the blue had been: might have been oil? It has been a good ten years since it’s last painting!

I will tell you: I am a VERY GOOD painter. Yes, I have a very, very steady hand and most certainly my training as a textile designer is a huge plus. And, like my other “hobby” i.e. ironing, I LOVE doing it. Yes, I know: strange about that ironing thing. I guess my Mother “raised me right”!!

Here is the final, many coats of paint later:


I love built in bookcases (which mine is not…) and especially when there is color on that back wall. MB from “The Other Side of the Pond” blog recently showed a really nice renovation in her home. Not only are the bookcases done well, the color is perfect. And you know what? It’s so nice to see BOOKS, LOTS OF BOOKS in the shelves!






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