This was the bold headline in the latest Chico’s catalog. It went on:    

     “…..With spring? With the palest colors, the most sophisticated neutrals, and the way they look on     you?”

    So, it made me think: When did you first fall in love with decoration, with details, with color, with the concept of home?

    For me, I have always and always always been in love with interior spaces! First, it was my bedroom growing up “No, don’t you DARE sit on the bed, I just made it and it’s all smooth; can’t you SEE that?” I would say to my sister… This, in the bedroom where I had been allowed to choose the wallpaper and guess what? It had ballerinas all over it! I loved it. A boy had been in that room before me and the wallpaper had submarines and destroyers; quite a change!

    Years later, when I finally (after many long…years of roomates) had my own apartment, in New York: yellow, yes, it had to be yellow. To this day, yellow is one of my favorite colors. But yellow was hard to do in that apartment: the bathroom had pink and black tiles! Well, there was no getting around the fact that yellow towels simply WOULD NOT do. Ah well, let’s just go with pink, but then have them monogrammed! 

    I was married and our first apartment was in a charming brownstone. The living room: well, it had yellow and white upholstered sofa and chair, and then a wonderful floral chintz on another chair and pillows. A dusty rose rug and wonderful bamboo blinds completed the very 80’s look! 

    So, on it goes… my love with interiors and color. Some of you will remember my post of January 1. 2010 on lighting. One of the lamps I featured was from Pierre Deux. Well, I DID IT! I bought it, in yellow, of course, and here it is in our living room looking oh so perfect on an antique table:

Pierre Deux lamp

              Pierre Deux lamp 2

 Of course, I am so very fortunate to actually have to USE color in my work! I design for ceramics, rugs, textiles and paper.

     Pantone color guides are stacked up next to my desk; 

Pantone guides

      my file “color” is overflowing;

     I know the difference between RGB and CMYK;

     the table in the middle of the studio is tomato red;

     I actually speak the language of color! 

I’m working on a post of all the things i.e. details, I use in my studio. We all take them for granted, of course, as over the years they become part of us. Technology has changed so many things (do I really need those huge flat files any more?) but has also added such fun things as Wacom pads, wireless keyboards, CD’s (!), file backups. The list goes on and on. I’ll take some pictures this weekend.

Have a nice weekend everyone!