There has been a veritable flurry of news about B L U E ! No, not the Pantone Turquoise Color-of-the-Year kind of blue…but just plain B L U E. I shouldn’t call it ‘plain’; it is anything but. Elegant, feminine, pretty, rich, exotic, ethereal, practical, trendy, old-fashioned: it is all these and much more!

House Beautiful magazine, just in case you haven’t already seen it, has a entire issue devoted to the color B L U E. Check it out here.

Then, there is the Blue Chair story in New York; more on this at “Live in Full Color”.

Here’s my favorite chair:


And from ICI Paints, their Colour of the Year 2010:

“An airy and optimistic blue. Airy light blues are recognized as being refreshing, soothing and liberating. The color speaks of hope and clarity–the clear, new horizon of tomorrow”.


Here is our new B L U E trend board:

Different kinds of blues in lots of different products; these are all new and on the market NOW.

Blue 4

Using the colors from the images above here is what you get:

Blue palette

And here is a new palette from Designers Guild for their “Chinaz” moire fabric line:

Somehow this palette struck me because the names are so perfect, and evocative. Often you find the names, especially of solid colors, maybe don’t quite…fit the actual color. Not so here: perfect fit!



<Maine Cottage>


From Zoffany: “Provence Prints”




From JonRobshaw

86-1003 Screenshot

and my personal favorite….. from Serena & Lily!