So you know:  I am ALWAYS on the lookout for stories, and follow-ups to stories!

I went to a bead show on Saturday, with my friend Roberta who makes the MOST gorgeous jewelry. She was there to buy, and I was…well, just there. But of course, always taking pictures, and knowing I was doing the B L U E story today, I couldn’t resist adding these to the story.

Have  you ever been to a bead show? It’s great; the colors and textures are unbelievable! The only downside with this show was that I arrived, took out my camera, and realized I had NO MEMORY CARD in it! I knew that would happen some day…. I had downloaded pictures just that morning and forgot to put the card back in the camera. But there is always the trusty IPhone! These really aren’t bad, considering that is all I had: 

Blue 2

Blue 1

Bead box 4

Bead box 3

Bead box 2

Bead box 1