As you will remember, I had been on the hunt for just the right butter dish…yes, I know, sounds trivial and really kind of dorky, right? But you would be surprised at how many people understood exactly my predicament!

Having found this gorgeous dish a week ago, I then had to find just the right handle, or ring, or ….something… to lift up the lid.

Butter After 1 

Off I went to said bead show, thinking maybe, just maybe I’ll find a bead, or whatever, to use as a handle. My friend and I searched (well, I searched; she was there to seriously buy beads for jewelry..). After walking many aisles (no, no this was not a hardship!) I spied these “roses” in a box:

Beads 10

Dumb me: I thought they would cut the string of beads and you could buy just one…No, you get all six beads. For $20? Not bad; I’ll find some use for the others. What I liked was the fairly flat surface on the bottom: all the better to glue down. But which color? Black with the red? Orange? No, the turquoise was per….fect!

Here is the glue I used: thanks to everyone for your suggestions. This is what we had in the house, and it worked!

Butter Dish Gllue

After sanding the bottom a bit, here it is awaiting glueing:

Butter Dish1

After drying overnight….ta da… I tested it!

Butter Dish2

I am very happy to report that it WORKS! It feels very secure and looks (I mean, really, just WHAT is important?) fabulous on the counter. Life should be so easy, right?  

P.S. If anyone wants one of these beads, just let me know and it’s yours!


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