Just a few years ago

 I completed this entire Easter ceramics collection called “Hippity Hop”!
Sorry about the quality of this photo: I had to scan a catalog page as I don’t have anything on the computer. Yes, it was a success that sold well at retail, and especially at the Horchow Collection.
There has been some discussion in the blog world lately about “good” china and whether we all use the expensive bone china we may have received as wedding presents vs. the very familiar fun ceramics available everywhere now. Those old world, gold flecked, delicate plates that never go in a dishwasher seem somehow outdated. (And yet, there is still a HUGE market for these: just take a look at some bridal magazines.)  What do you think? Are these “good” sets worth storing for that once or twice a year occasion? Or is it more fun to work with an impulse buy from Target or TJ Maxx? Do you use both? I’m going to explore this subject further in a yet-to-be-written post, but for now I would love to hear your comments; yes?
Back to the images at hand: All these designs were done entirely with torn paper and, of course, were lots of fun to create. Each year I almost…forget about it, way up in the cabinet, then something   reminds me to get it out once again.
 So here is the collection:

Easter Plates

Easter Plates2
Easter Plates4

Easter Plates3

Easter Plates5

Easter Mug

Easter cachpot