As Julia Child said: “If you’re afraid of butter, just put in cream!”

We’ve been using butter substitutes for many years now: you know, the tub variety…

My husband recently decided he had had ENOUGH of the tubs, and wanted real stick butter. And, he wanted it to remain on the counter so it wouldn’t be hard every time he wanted to use some. Makes sense, no?

Hmmm. We didn’t want to just put it on the counter uncovered in it’s white plastic “plate” from the bin in the fridge. With nothing really in the house to use, I put it here (temporarily) :

Butter Before
Yes, it’s a “recycled” restaurant doggie bag kind of container. Not great.

Again, out in the blogoshere, there was talk of butter dishes to use on the counter! It all started with this post from Kathysue at The Good Life of Design. We had messages going back and forth, research about butter dishes… and just as I was about to order this one:


I went to a new kitchen store in Rhinebeck, N.Y., Bluecashew Kitchen Pharmacy , and found this Emile Henry dish!

Butter After 1

Butter After 2

It’s absolutely gorgeous, isn’t it? The only very small problem I have found is……I wish it had a handle of some sort on top. A little ring of some kind, a leaf knob: that sort of thing. My question to you is: do you think I could glue something on there? Do you know of a glue that would really hold? I would be very careful in trying not to get it too wet (if at all) when I hand wash the dish… Suggestions?