Are you ready? Pantone has just come out with their new fashion colors for 2010: this takes a minute to start loading,so be patient.


I’ve added their description of these colors with nice big swatches….

Now, I know, this is fashion; but we all know how closely it is related to Home Furnishings and how short a time the transition takes from one to the other. Will we be seeing these in interiors soon?

Crisp ENDIVE:” a revitalizing yellow-green, adds freshness to the season’s top ten”

COlor 1

GOLDEN GLOW: “an earthy, deepened shade of yellow, creates a retro look with Purple Orchid or Woodbine.”

COlor 2

LIVING CORAL: “a softer, more inviting orange with a hint of pink undertone”

COlor 3

LIPSTICK RED: “a deeper, more dramataic sensual red, makes its imprint on fall, particularly in cosmetics”

COlor 4

PURPLE ORCHID: “a purple leaning to fuchsia, an unexpected choice for fall, imbuing a bit of magic and vibrancy”

COlor 5

CHOCOLATE TRUFFLE: ” evocative of delicious treats, is a rich brown with piquant plum undertones”

COlor 6

LAGOON: “guaranteed to add a tropical splash”

COlor 7

WOODBINE: ” takes last season’s neutral greens to a whole new level, and when mixed with Purple Orchid and Chocolage Truffle, results in a stunning combination”

COlor 8

OYSTER GRAY: “a classic neutral that grounds the palette; a lighter take on the traditional fall gray”

COlor 9

ROSE DUST: “a flattering beige, offers an ethereal, romantic, wispy option to span the seasons”

COlor 10