It’s winter here, oh yes, it’s REALLY winter! The snow is coming down once again. This morning I made it out to the gym before the white stuff started: thank goodness! Have to get the treadmill and weight work in or else I feel…well, what? Lethargic? Lumpy? No, just kind of stuck. Exercise is a very important part of my life and my weekly routine!

So, here I am, exercised and showered, with a cup of tea and my NEW (almost) MacBook, in my office at home, ready to work. ( By the time you read this, it will be later in the day, or even the next day….) But I started looking around the kitchen, in the drying rack to be specific, and spied this very wonderful shape!

Pain Quotidien Jar

In general, I love jam jars: for their recycl-ability but also for their shape. Some, not all, have great lines. This one is from Le Pain Quotidien in Georgetown. At least, that’s the one I go to when I’m down there; there are others, to be sure.

I really like that restaurant. It has the great “communal” table on the main floor, with small tables around the sides of the room. It has FABULOUS food, good service and oh the pastries to buy on the way out…


Then, there is the wall of syrups and jams. All I can say is: buy some next time you go!

Here’s the tea service for one:

Tea service

Le Pain Quotidien

Then, I began looking further around my kitchen.

Egg cups: these are wonderful shapes too! So smooth and put together...

Egg Cup

And this cutie: it’s a gelatto dish from Florence, Italy! Love the shape, love the color, love the usefulness of it…
Green Dish

And here, my all time favorite in shape and feel. These salad servers were bought by my mother-in-law in New York in the ’50’s at George Jensen. My sister in law very, very kindly let us have these a year ago: thank you! They have the most wonderful weight and shine and feel. They are also NOT oversized, as are so many things today…these are small in comparison and suit us just fine

Jensen servers

What do you have to say about shapes?