This post is for PillowMint! You will have to go to her blog and read the comment section, and her post, on “Do You” to follow this entire story!

Here you go: THIS is my wonderful indoor palm plant, after receiving tender loving care for almost twenty years! Naturally, I did not have a picture of it in its early, pathetic stages; and in fact, I had trouble even finding a picture of any palm that looked as scraggly and pathetic as the one we bought and that was kept in captivity in my husband’s office!


I searched for an image of the original, and this is the closest I could come:(it looks much too healthy!)


But plants are essential in our house…I now have the 7 ft. palm in the top image, and I bring in a few geraniums for the winter. They thrive in an east facing bay window. Here they were this morning:


Geranium 2


Last, but not least, are three little bulbs in a row. These are Paperwhite Narcissus Bulbs. I want to direct you to a wonderful gardening blog
from Margaret Roach. Her advice is great and always with a bit of
humor, her photographs are extraordinary, and the entire blog just well



Do YOU have plant stories? Things that grew, unexpectedly? Or didn’t make it, much to your amazement and chagrin? What works for you?