Do you know GARNET HILL? Are you familiar with their sheets?

I have been buying their sheets, and their sheets only, for almost twenty years! They are 200 thread count and all made in Portugal. Now, I know, there are lots of sheets out there with a higher thread count but for me, these are THE VERY BEST AVAILABLE. It’s amazing: the quality is suberb and, over the years, their patterned sheets have consistently been great. I will say, however, that some of the wonderful watercolor looks, and then some of their brights, seem to have been overtaken with a more grayed, and solid, palette.(They sell Eileen Fisher sheets which are a muted palette). But even so, there is always something that appeals to me whenever I’m in the market for sheets…

These polka dots are great! We have a Pistachio color, no longer made, with the green ground fitted sheet and cases, then the white ground top sheet. But I sure would like that orange!

I’m also one of those rare Americans (vs. Europeans) who hangs her sheets (and towels) out on the line! Always, no matter the weather! And…. are you ready….. I iron the turn back and the cases. So, there you have it: a little bit of personalization.





Now that you are all set to put you clean sheets in a laundry basket and carry outside to your line….. here are some options on how to hang those sheets. For a clothes pin bag:


Clothes pin bag 1

And my personal favorite:

Laundry bag

Then, of course, you must have a laundry basket:

Laundry basket green


No excuses: just go do it!